“There is no limit to what you can learn and how you can grow”

“Find the power of your own voice"

"Imagine living authentically, in the freedom of your truth"


What are we aiming for?

The experiences we’ll share, you and I, form a process of self actualization. This process isn’t about achieving goals or overcoming obstacles, though that’s often a part of it. The actualization I speak of entails embracing who you are on one hand, and becoming who you need to be on the other.

I will help you rid yourself of shame. There’s always a gap between who we are and who we were supposed to be: shame is what we feel when we cannot resolve it. It compels us to falsify our interactions with the world. Hidden from others and from ourselves, like a feral child, we remain only partially formed. To continue forming, you would need an opportunity to express yourself freely and honestly, without fear of judgment. You would need to be seen, understood and accepted, consistently and over time, by someone who’s capable of truly seeing and understanding you. You would need a safe space. I will provide it. 

Once shame begins to lift, even just a little, the cascading effects are stunning. You will experience a newness, a sense of possibility. Everyday occurrences will acquire a deeper, interconnected meaning. You will feel empowered; this is when achieving goals and overcoming obstacles comes most naturally. It may resemble falling in love, but it’s just you, coming into yourself. It’s a beautiful and exhilarating stage. I will be there to steady you through it and I will be there to guide you when it plateaus, because that’s when our work will enter it’s most valuable phase. 

Once you begin facing the world as who you are — you, not a crowd-pleasing proxy — you can start negotiating that debt towards who you were supposed to be. When you no longer misrepresent your own wants and needs, you will be empathic towards those of others. That sense of belonging, the one that before you achieved by faking, you can now rightfully earn. You will earn it by truly seeing the people around you, through your own eyes and being, just as I have once seen you. 

I will be your means to change yourself. You will be my means to change the world. Our work will continue to grow. 

"The changes in our lives through this journey will be immeasurable"