Meet Master Joshua

I am a coach, healer, empath, educator, lifestylist and professional Dominant. In addition to facilitating spiritual growth, my work has centered around normalizing nontraditional sexual behavior. I am a firm believer in engaging with others for personal growth and development. Honest and open communication will lead us to wherever we need to start and we work from there. I create experiences that put people in touch with a deeper, more authentic sense of self.

Born in Florida and raised in NYC, I joined the Marines at the age of 18. Shortly after my departure from the Marines, I entered a career in law enforcement. Throughout this period of my life, I learned the value of human diversity, and of honor, courage and commitment. The continuous practice of these values supported my journey into the BDSM Leather Lifestyle and continue to support me as I grow and evolve.

I believe that we innately wish to connect with others and with everything around us. We are, however, taught from an early age to distance ourselves from this primal need for connection. We lose touch with who we really are.

Allowing ourselves the freedom to explore these deeper feelings can bring us to our true nature.

I am here to guide others on the spiritual journey that will connect them to their innermost self, and then from there, show them how to genuinely connect with others.